Why you need a drag harrow?

A drag harrow, a type of soil cultivation implement, is used to break up and smooth out the surface of the soils. It is designed with many flexible steel tines or teeth to suit all-types applications. For example:

  • Aerate and de-thatch pastures, lawns
  • breaking up cores
  • returning sand/soil to the surface
  • Renovate pasture
  • Improve root aeration for better water infiltration
  • Mix and scatter fertilizers and droppings
  • Prepare and cover seedbeds
  • Rip out moss and weeds
  • Remove sand, gravel and dirt
  • Encourage the germination of new growth
  • Remove gopher mounds, ant hills, ridges, etc.

Most practical drag harrows we supply:

Form over 50 years' experience, we know the need of our customers clearly, thereby, we introduce two kinds of drag harrows for you: chain harrow and tine harrow.

Chain harrow

as its name suggests, features its chain harrow mat with high numbers of steel tines for pasture renovation. According to it frames, the chain harrow can be classified into two types:

a trailed chain harrow we supply

Trailed chain harrow:

  1. Component: Harrow mat, drawbar, optional tow chain or lift frame
  2. Without frame
  3. With adjustable tines for all-type terrains
  4. Four way pulling actions, Various weaving method
  5. Working width and length can adjust to suit application
a trailed chain harrow with black frame and red harrow part

Mounted chain harrow:

  1. Component: harrow mat, optional six kinds of rigid frames
  2. With adjustable tines for all types of terrains
  3. Three ways of pulling actions
  4. Provide hydraulic folding option
  5. Easy to handle, transport, and store

Tine harrow

means the drag harrow with spikes or tines which allow for numerous field improving applications. Our company mainly provides three types of tine harrow as follow:

a red spike tooth harrow with open end

Spike tooth harrow:

  1. Component: harrow part, drawbar, optional tow chain, lift frame or wheeled carriers
  2. With or without frame as your requirements
  3. Open design or close design
  4. High carbon steel material
  5. Adjustable diamond shape teeth with tread head for easy installation repair and replacement
  6. Teeth can be sold separately
a black spring tine harrow

Spring tine harrow:

  1. Component: harrow part, draw bar, optional lift frame or wheeled carriers
  2. With or without frame
  3. Open or close design
  4. Various types of coil spring tines (see accessories)
  5. Adjustable directions of coil spring tines for all-type applications
a red spring tooth harrow with red lift frame

Spring tooth harrow:

  1. Component: harrow part, drawbar, optional lift frame or wheeled carriers
  2. With rigid frame
  3. With curved or S shaped teeth
  4. Spring teeth can be sold separately. (see accessory)
  5. Optional tooth number and spacing for different usage

Beside above drag harrows, we also supply drag mat, leveling drag, lift frame, wheeled carrier and some accessories including spike tooth, coil spring tine and spring tooth for easy repair and replacement. What we have done is to maximum cater your needs. Meanwhile, custom sizes, shapes are also available in our company.

Why to Choose Us?

  • We are manufacturer for providing competitive price.
  • We can give our clients 100% guaranteed quality.
  • We offer variety types, sizes, colors of drag harrows to meet your needs.
  • We still can give our clients advice and pick up the most suitable drag harrow for our customers

Products List

Trailed Chain Harrow

Trailed chain harrow with incomparable price is effective to improve your field quality, mix in fertilizer, prepare seed beds and encourage the growth of plants.

Mounted Chain Harrow

Our mounted chain harrows are designed multifunctional to renovate pasture and smooth ground. Thereby, it has won great acknowledgment from our customer.

Spike Tooth Harrow

Spike tooth harrows are idea tools for leveling, weeding and seedbed preparation. It is manufactured from high carbon steel to ensure high resistance to wear.