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Accessories for Easy Repair and Replacements

After long time of wear and tear, the spikes or tines may break or are not as sharp as before but the frame is still in good condition. What is to be done if you meet this situation? That's it! Just purchase the tine or teeth only. In line with providing convenience to our customers, our company also provides accessories including spike teeth, coil spring tines and spring teeth of harrows for easy repair and replacement.

Spike tooth for harrow:

a black spike tooth for harrow with thread head

Most commonly used type of spike tooth for harrow

color painted spike teeth for harrow with thread head are placed on the ground

Other types of spike teeth for harrow


Suitable for spike tooth harrow.
With thread head.
Material: high carbon steel.
Size: 5/8" square or 3/4" square.
Length: 6" to 20" or as your requirements.
Surface: color painted.

Spring tooth for harrow:

three types of black spring teeth for harrows

Suitable for spring tooth harrow.
Shape: curved shape or S shape.
Material: high carbon steel.
Production technique: heated treated, tempered and punched.
Thickness: 3/8".
Width: 1 1/4".
Length: 22".

Coil spring tines for harrow:

twenty types of color painted coil spring tines for harrows

Suitable for spring tine harrow.
Material: 65Mn, 82B, 60Si2Mnl.
Wire diameter: 4mm to 15mm.
Hardness: 40-50 HRC.
Color: Any color is available.
Width and length depend on your requirements.

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Our customer says:

This is a must-have! The drag harrow I purchased last year exceeded my expectation for cultivating the field and seedbed preparation. After seeding, I just turn the drag harrow over to smooth the seedbeds. It is multifunctional only by adjusting steel tines.

This drag harrow is great and does a good job. What are you waiting for? Come and have it!