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How drag mat solves problem about smoothing field?

a drag mat is working with added blocks

Drag mat is working with additional cement blocks

Drag mat is compost of high quality drawbar, a tow chain and galvanized mesh harrow which makes it easy and convenient to smooth fields, scatter fertilizers and prepare seedbeds. It is designed to all types of applications where you need dirt, gravels and sand to be cleaned up, such as golf course, playing field or any other places.

The drag mat we supply is well-constructed with high quality steel or stainless steel as your request. Meanwhile, the superior zinc coating makes it outstanding among similar products once being used in humid and moist environments.

It is suitable to be towed behind lightweight vehicles, for example, mowers, quad bikes, lawn tractors, etc. For a better working performance, the drag mat supports added weight for a powerful cleaning as shown in the picture.

Due to its easy operation character, it saves your time, your effort even your muscle and your back. Additionally, it also provides an easy way to handle, transport and store in that it can be rolled up (see following picture).

half of the galvanized mat is rolled up

Drag mat can be rolled up for easy handling and transportation.

The drag mat we supply:

type DM1 drag mat is working on the lawn

Drag mat DM1

type DM2 drag mat is working on the ground

Drag mat DM2

Material: high quality steel or stainless steel as your requirements.
Surface: galvanized.
Color: silver.
Working length: 10" 50 150".
Working width: 10" to 150".
Thickness: 1/2" or 3/8".
Custom sizes and shapes are available.

Tip: Choosing a drag mat wider than vehicle tires about one or two feet for good working action when the vehicle cornering.

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Our customer says:

This is a must-have! The drag harrow I purchased last year exceeded my expectation for cultivating the field and seedbed preparation. After seeding, I just turn the drag harrow over to smooth the seedbeds. It is multifunctional only by adjusting steel tines.

This drag harrow is great and does a good job. What are you waiting for? Come and have it!