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What does Mounted Chain Harrow Go for?

Mounted chain harrow is an essential and multipurpose piece of equipment for tillage applications including to remove weeds, break up crusts and clods, fluff and smooth heavy soil, and spread manures, etc. Additionally, it also can be used to groom yards, garden soil, racing track and ball diamonds, etc.

Advantages of our mounted chain harrow:

a black mounted chain harrow is working on the lawn

A mounted chain harrow is working on the lawn.

  • Flexible way of tillage Compared to trailed chain harrow, this one features its strong and well-constructed frame, by which the harrow can be lifted where ground needs not to be plowed and smoothed.
  • Easy to transport
    The frame allows to be delivered flat packed on pallets for easy transportation.
  • Superior material
    Our mounted chain harrows are manufactured from high carbon steel which ensures the incomparable durability and high resistance to wear.
  • 13mm heavy duty tines
    Same as trailed chain harrow, this one also adopt 13mm heavy duty tine to ensure the working performance.
  • 3-way pulling action : (like trailed chain harrow)
    Facing down and forward for deep penetration
    Facing down and backward for light penetration
    Facing upward for acting as a drag mat
  • Various sizes for different applications

Mounted chain harrows are available in widths from 4'-0" to 20'-0" with different lengths. Meanwhile, the harrows which are over 10'-0" in width are available with hydraulic folding option as shown in the picture:

an unfolded mounted chain harrow left and a folded one on the right

The mounted chain harrow with a width over 10'-0" can be folded.

We can also supply different types of frames as shown in the pictures. Custom shapes are also acceptable.

six types of frames of mounted chain harrows


  Tine size Working width and weight (kg)
Length Diameter Length 4'-0" 6'-0" 8'-0" 10'-0" 12'-0" 14'-0" 16'-0" 20'-0"
5'-0" 7/16" 2 1/2" 90 120 138   185      
5'-0" 7/16" 2 1/2" 95 125 143   190      
7'-6" 1/2" 2 1/2" 125 160 205 290 315 345 375 420
7'-6" 1/2" 3 1/3" 185 215 260 340 370 425 465 525
7'-6" 1/2" 3 1/3" 165 195 240 320 350 290 422 470

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Our customer says:

This is a must-have! The drag harrow I purchased last year exceeded my expectation for cultivating the field and seedbed preparation. After seeding, I just turn the drag harrow over to smooth the seedbeds. It is multifunctional only by adjusting steel tines.

This drag harrow is great and does a good job. What are you waiting for? Come and have it!