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Spike Tooth Harrow-Best Solution to Your Cultivation Problems

Spike tooth harrow, known as spike tine harrow, is an indispensable farm implement that is pulled behind horse, jeep, ATV or tractors. Our spike tooth harrows are designed to cover all application from large farms to small holdings, for example:

  • Encourage tiller and new growth;
  • Prepare nicer seed beds;
  • Smoothing garden plots, fields, arenas, and landscaping areas;
  • Work in manure and fertilizer;
  • Aerates legume crops such as alfalfa and uncovers overwintering insects;
  • Remove gopher mounds, ant hills, ridges left by tillage implements.

Why to choose our spike tooth harrow?

a black tooth of spike tooth harrow

Tooth of spike tooth harrow

Diamond shaped teeth:
The harrow is design to break up heavy soil and clods into nicer pieces more efficiently.

High quality material:
It is manufactured of high quality material to ensure its high durability and resistance to wear. So it is not easy to be worn round like other similar products.

Reinforced and harden teeth:
Each tooth's shoulder is reinforced with a threaded end for easy repair and replacement. Meanwhile, lock washer corresponded to its teeth are used to prevent shaking out.

Adjustable angles for various applications:
The teeth can be adjusted to various angles to provide different penetration positions for catering different needs of application from large farm to small gardens, etc.

Tubular frame:
The tubular frame makes the spike tooth harrow rigid enough to hold the teeth in position and more flexible to follow uneven terrain. Meanwhile, it is.

Open end design:
Effectively avoid clogging, and eliminate overriding

Material: high carbon steel.
Size: available in 5' and 6' sections up to 18' wide.
Tooth bar diameter: 1 5/8".
Teeth: high umber, diamond shape and 0.5" or 0.62" square, about 8" long.

Different types of spike tooth harrow we supply:

two types of spike tooth harrow with open ends

Spike tooth harrow with open end

two types of spike tooth harrow with closed ends

Spike tooth harrow with closed end

a black spike tooth harrow with special shape

Special shaped spike tooth harrow

a black spike tooth harrow fixed to an orange lift frame

Spike tooth harrow fixed to a life frame

red spike tooth harrows fixed to a wheeled carrier

Spike tooth harrows fixed to a wheeled carrier.

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Our customer says:

This is a must-have! The drag harrow I purchased last year exceeded my expectation for cultivating the field and seedbed preparation. After seeding, I just turn the drag harrow over to smooth the seedbeds. It is multifunctional only by adjusting steel tines.

This drag harrow is great and does a good job. What are you waiting for? Come and have it!