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All-purpose spring tooth harrow with curved teeth

a spring tooth harrow with 9 S shaped teeth

Spring tooth harrow

Compared with spring tine harrow, the spring tooth harrow features specially designed tooth which is ideal for seedbed preparation and weed killing. It is built of high carbon steel to secure trouble free performance and high durability.

The teeth, bolted on the tooth bar by tooth clamps firmly, are heat treated and tempered with high strength and working actions. Meanwhile, each section is individual for easy handling and storage. Sections can be jointed together with a longer drawbar for different applications.

The spring tooth harrows are often fixed to a drawbar by tow chains or lift frames behind a tractor, ATV, jeep, pickup even a horse, a mule, etc.

The spring tooth harrows we supply:

We mainly supply these two kinds of spring tooth harrows with different shapes of teeth as shown in the following picture:

a green spring tooth harrow made of curved teeth and green lift frame


a spring tooth harrow made of S shaped teeth, frame, and a red drawbar



a spring tooth harrow with S shaped teeth works to improve lawns

The spring tooth harrow with S shaped teeth is working.

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