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Why to choose our trailed chain harrow?

a black trailed chain harrow

Trailed chain harrow

Trailed chain harrow, behind ATV, quad bike, tractor or other mobile requirements, is a reversible and versatile hardware for efficiently breaking up and leveling heavy soil, spreading manure dropping and preparing seed beds, etc. It consists of high quality harrow mat, durable draw bars and 5/16 in. chain with ring-type hitch. Meanwhile, different waving methods are available in our company.

Compared to mounted chain harrow, trailed chain harrow without frame is much cheaper; meanwhile the working length and width can be adjusted.

13mm heavy duty tines:
The metal teeth mounted on the harrow mat are constructed of strong high carbon steel, which ensures the tines are strong and durable enough to avoid breakage. Compare to traditional tines in 10mm or 11mm diameter, this tine features 13mm diameter with an increase of cross section area and weight to ensure the harrowing job can be accomplished in a time-saving way.

a black heavy duty draw bar of a trailed chain harrow

Draw bar

4-way pulling action:
Our drag harrow is superior to other similar products owing to its four-way pulling action, which refer to four different directions it can be pulled in for different applications as shown in the following chart:

a drag harrow with tines facing down and forward for a deep penetration Deep penetration:
Tines pointing down and forward will stir soil aggressively with a deep penetration. In this way, it can be used to fluff and break up heavy soil, remove dead vegetation.
a drag harrow with tines facing down and backward for a light penetration Light penetration:
Tines facing down and backward are helpful for spreading and working in seeds and fertilizers, leveling soils and renovate pastures and lawns.
a drag harrow with tines facing upward for acting as a drag mat Drag mat:
With the tines facing upward, the drag harrow acts as a mat to level seedbeds and equestrian exercise areas, etc.
two drag harrows with tines facing upward and down separately. Combination:
Two trailed chain harrows combine together in different directions for aerating and de-thatching pastures and lawns

Multipliable working width and length:
The drag harrow can be assembled in a range of configurations for providing a choice of working width and length as shown in the pictures:

a drag harrow in triple width behind a tractor is working on a lawn

A drag harrow in triple working width is working.

a drag harrow in double length behind a tractor is working on a lawn

A drag harrow in double length is working.


  • Tines:
    Diameter: 13mm or as your request.
    Length: 2.5" to 5".
    Material: high-carbon steel.
    High number of tines to avoid ridges.
  • Mat:
    Working Width: 48" to 168".
    Length: depend on your requirements.
  • Drawbar: heavy-duty, reinforced steel drawbar.
  • Chain: 5/16"chain with ring-type hitch.
  • Hitch type: Tow ring.
  • Warranty: One year manufacturer's.

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Our customer says:

This is a must-have! The drag harrow I purchased last year exceeded my expectation for cultivating the field and seedbed preparation. After seeding, I just turn the drag harrow over to smooth the seedbeds. It is multifunctional only by adjusting steel tines.

This drag harrow is great and does a good job. What are you waiting for? Come and have it!