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How to Use a Drag Harrow?

Over the last century, drag harrow has shown how flexible and significant it is in agriculture industry. In technical rapid development today, the drag harrow also has a large proportion of the market. It is multifunctional for all types of terrains by changing weight, the angles of the teeth and working width and length. Once you know the way of using it, you will maintain your farm or pastures much easier and more conveniently.

Step 1:

Fix the spring tine harrow to a draw bar, lift frame or wheeled carriers

Step 2:

Attach the fixed harrow to an animal or a mobile equipment, such as horse, pony, mule, ATV, tractor, jeep, pickup, quad bike, etc.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5 (omissible):

Add appropriate weight to the drag harrow for providing enough strength to ensure it grips or contacts with the ground consistently.

Step 6:

Start your vehicles or drive the animals to pull the drag harrow around the field or pastures.

a black painted trailed chain harrow fixed to a black and green lift frame

A drag harrow fixed to a lift frame

a black painted trailed chain harrow behind a tractor is working to aerate the soil

A drag harrow is working to aerate the soil

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